Cordell Briggs

Dining Services

110C USB
Brigham Young University
Provo, Utah 84602-0002
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(801) 422-1459


Cordell came to BYU in 2005 as the General Manager of the Cougareat and other retail locations for BYU

Dining Services. Soon after arriving, he returned to school and graduated with a B.S. in Food

Science/Food Industry Management and a Master of Business Administration. Armed with the food

science education, Cordell accepted the challenge of opening and managing the Culinary Support Center

where BYU creamery, bakery, and other fresh products are manufactured for the 30,000 plus meals

served on campus daily. Eventually, he was asked to take over the department’s financial responsibilities

and to be more involved in strategic planning. He currently serves as the Associate Director/Director of

Finance for BYU Dining. Cordell and his wife Starla moved to the Provo area from Spokane, Washington,

but both are Montana natives. Maybe his Montana roots are the reason he loves winter sports such as

cross-country skiing and snowshoeing--but, swimming in a fresh, clear mountain lake in the heat of the

summer is a close second.